Funeral plans

Paying for and arranging your funeral in advance can relieve a huge financial and emotional burden from your loved ones.

DLS Estate Planning will present you with the options available and help you to purchase the right pre-paid plan for you.

Bespoke funeral plans

Funerals can be very costly affairs, and since – for most of us at least – death tends to come somewhat unexpectedly, the costs can often prove to be something of a shock, as well as a burden, to those family members left with the duty of arranging and paying for the ceremony and burial/cremation.
Paying for your funeral in advance allows you to spread the payments over an extended period of time, and eases the pressure from your relatives during what will already be a most difficult time. You are also afforded the opportunity to have your say regarding the nature of the service itself.

A funeral plan can cover:

  • Burial
  • Cremation
  • Religious or non-religious funerals
  • Pre-payment – at a rate and amount that you are happy with
  • Church arrangements
  • Other details of the service

What Funeral Plans Cover

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