Lasting power of attorney

Granting a lasting power of attorney to a trusted individual will ensure that you maintain control - albeit by proxy - over your finances, in the event that you lose the mental capacity to do so yourself.

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Act sooner, rather than later

Nobody wants to dwell on the notion that they should one day lose the mental capacity to think and act in their own best interests. But sadly, accident, injury and illness can happen to any one of us, at any time. In particular, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and similar diseases makes for equally unsettling – if perhaps sobering – reading, and this alone should be impetus enough to act now, before it is too late.
Putting a lasting power of attorney in place safeguards you, your business, health, assets and dependants against disaster, should the unthinkable happen.

The Health and Welfare LPA

Ensures that the right decisions are made regarding medical care and treatment, that a suitable care plan is put in place for you and that, should you need to live in a residential care home, you are able to go to one of your choosing.

The Property and Finance LPA

Ensures that the chosen person is able to make decisions on your behalf, regarding the buying or selling of property, your bank or building society account, your benefits and pensions, and any other tax, bills or money-related matters.

Peace of mind when you need it the most

There are two types of LPA. The first type concerns property and finances, whilst the second deals with health and welfare.

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