Writing a Will could be one of the most important decisions you make.

DLS Estate Planning can help you with this process, ensuring that your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes after you die.

Why you should make a will

Failing to prepare a will can lead to a great deal of uncertainty, stress, legal wrangling and disappointment on the behalf of your relatives and dependants. They may have little or no say whatsoever in how your assets are distributed and allocated. Ultimately, some – or all – of your inheritance could go to the wrong person or even to the state.
By contacting DLS Estate Planning, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your estate is to be divided in the manner of your choosing. We provide a sympathetic, professional and friendly service in will writing, one which puts your needs to the fore. If you’d like unbiased, professional advice, contact our team in Milton Keynes today.

Without A will

  • You cannot be sure those you would wish to benefit will be able do so
  • Your spouse or civil partner will not automatically inherit all of your estate
  • Common law partners may not receive anything
  • Children could be taken into care whilst guardians are appointed
  • There could be lengthy delays and disputes
  • You cannot prevent certain parties from benefiting
  • You will not be able to leave assets to friends, colleagues or charities that fall outside of the rules of intestacy

Protecting your children’s inheritance

Some, or all, of your children’s or grandchildren’s inheritance could be lost without the correct “bloodline planning.”


  • The divorce or separation settlements of future generations
  • Creditors or bankruptcy claims
  • Their care costs and further inheritance tax bills

Protecting your home and assets from care costs

Only those who have very few assets will escape the costs of care.

If you fail to act now:

  • Your home may have to be sold to pay for your long term care costs
  • Your savings and investments could be wiped out
  • Any income would be assessed and used towards the cost of your care
  • Your children and grandchildren could lose their entire inheritance

Protecting the family business

Naturally, you would want to ensure that your loved ones benefit fully from your business.

Without the appropriate business succession strategies:

  • Your spouse or partner and children may not inherit your share of a business
  • Business partners may not be able to buy out the deceased’s share
  • The surviving spouse or children may be obliged to take over the running of the business
  • The value of the business could depreciate owing to the inexperience of any beneficiary
  • The business may have to be sold and the proceeds become liable to inheritance tax

Protecting your assets

Making a will is a good start but you may also want to
consider the following issues:

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